Ferment is a newly established Norwegian Wine Importer with more than 20 years of experience.

For wine people by wine people!

We are proud to use the phrase «For wine people – by wine people!» to describe Ferment and us who are active in the company. Ferment is a relatively new company, but is run by a team with very good wine expertise and extensive experience in the industry.

Our goal is to offer consumers and customers exciting and competitive products at all quality and price levels. We already import great wines from both the classic world (Europe) and the new world (Argentina), as well as lovely ciders from Hardanger in Norway. Our selection will continue to increase in the time to come.

Ferment has a close collaboration with the well-established Moestue Group, which ensures good logistics both for Vinmonopolet and HoReCa (mainly via wholesalers across the country). We have joint offices with Moestue Group and the other companies in the group. Here we have the opportunity to receive our customers for presentations and tastings.